Our 1-1 tutoring is a custom based solution for targeted objectives- such as exam preparation and/or gaining key skills and techniques

For our 1-1 tutoring, our professional master tutors focus on curriculum specific learning and exam skill development - such as answering techniques, time management etc. Students are also given focused drills which enable them to perform under exam pressure. All our tutors have proven track records and help students to perform at their best, while building up their confidence.


  • More tailored programme of study and pace
  • Supplementary support in weak areas  
  • For high achievers, who want to go beyond their current grade level​
  • Pre course head start preparation
  • Ad-hoc Tuition (By Topic)​
  • Home schooling


A select group of over 45 professional and competent tutors from our personal network, our master tutors have a minimum of 10 years experience and are professors, teachers and alumni of:

They have extensive experience in teaching a wide variety of students from different examination boards and know exactly what examiners are looking out for. As such, we specialise in:

  • For 16+ students:

    • International Baccalaureate (IB)
    • Advanced Placement (AP)
    • A and AS levels (all boards)
  • For under 16 students: 

    • IB middle years program
    • I/GCSE (all exam boards)
    • the British National curriculum
    • the K-12 American curriculum
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Our master tutor's have a background and degrees in subjects where the English language plays a critical role, such as law, journalism and English literature.

  • Francesca

    IB and literary analysis expert 

    11 years experience

    Bachelor of Laws from the University of Exeter

    Apart from working in the legal field in the city, Francesca is a keen thespian and excellent orater.

  • Ted

    I/GCSE and essay writing expert

    13 years experience 

    Bacholars of Arts in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford

    Ted has extensive experience teaching both in and out of the class room, having worked as a private school and an international school teacher for the last 13 years.

  • Helen

    A level and creative writing expert

    15 years experience

    Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelors in Film Studies from the University of Exeter

    Helen has won numerous UK national writing competitions and is in the process of writing her debut novel, which will be published in early 2024.

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  • 1. Perfect fit tutor and individualised plan

    The perfect fit tutor is critical to a students success and as such we are commited to matching students with a master tutor that best fits the students learning style and has expertise in the student's weak areas. We guarantee you will love our master tutors. In the rare occurance that you are not 100% pleased, we will provide a replacement- no questions asked.

    Every student is unique and as such our curriculum and lessons are customised to the student's goals and aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, and learning style. -->

  • 2. Modular teaching with specialised technology

    Our modular building block teaching framework boosts confidence and aids learning by sectioning the syllabus into building blocks, with each lesson expanding on the previous lesson. 

    Our specialised technology enables for a truly interactive learning experience, with the tutors able to seamlessly annotate on all texts and screens. -->

  • 3. Supported learning with  feedback reports

    Personalised and supported learning is at the heart of Woog. We view teaching as a result oriented process and as such our trifecta approach involving the tutor, student and their own success coach makes sure that the student is supported at all times. Our detailed monthly reports also keep the parent and student in loop with the student's progress.

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  • 1.Buy and book a trial lesson or package. You will be able to request your requirements upon booking. -->

  • 2. Our team will call you within the hour of step 1, to further assess the students needs and goals. We will then find the best fit tutor for the student. -->

  • 3. The student will have their trial/first session on the date booked in step 1, resulting in a study plan drawn up by the end of the lesson. -->

  • 4. The master tutor and student will progress with the lessons, in a goal oriented approach. -->

  • 5. The success coach will monitor the student's progress, while the master tutor will provide monthly detailed reports.

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  • "I loved how systematic and clear the textual analysis crash course was. I had been struggling with analyzing all the different types of texts and did not really understand how to analyze comics very well. However, this course really made everything clear. My tutor was amazing. Not only did she answer all my many questions with patience, she also gave me a lot of confidence". 

    12th Grade IB student - TASIS The American School in England, England

  • "The IGCSE Literature course saved my grades! I am so glad I took it. I was predicted a 7.. however I managed to score a 9. I am very pleased and would recommend this to anyone serious about getting better grades"

    Year 11 IGCSE student - Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

  • "The Study Skill and Bridging course is what every student needs right now. After the last few years and the disruption it has caused my kids in their education.. i was relieved to find such amazing courses that got my kids up to speed on key skills!" 

    Parent of year 7, 9 and 11 students, England

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