Our online 1- on-1 live teaching crash courses are solution based programmes for targeted objectives- such as exam preparation and gaining key skills and techniques

Our online crash courses allow students to learn much more efficiently, with detailed support from our subject and examination specialist tutors. Moreover, our fully integrated state-of-the-art learning platform and dedicated success coaches – ensure students not only master, but thrive.



Targeted objectives

  • Every crash course has clear key objectives that students will meet upon its completion.
  • Key objectives range from specific academic skills to mastering the use of specific techniques to meet curriculum criterions.

Intensive programmes

  • Our 1-on-1 live teaching crash courses are designed to allow students to learn much more efficiently through our systematic modular approach and a focused rigorous curriculum. 
  • Our courses are set in prescribed hours to cover the course content, either running for 6 hours as an express course, or as a 12 hour standard version. 


  • 1. Pedagogy

    • Our master tutors customise their teaching to ensure that every student receives the tailored attention they need to achieve their best.
    • Each lesson will be engaging, challenging and enjoyable. Our fully integrated state-of-the-art learning platform enables the master tutor and student to engage seamlessly, fostering deep understanding and retention of the topics covered.
  • 2. Individualised curriculum

    • Our curriculum is customised to the student. During the first session, the master tutor will assess the students strengths and weaknesses in relation to the topic.
    • This assessment will then be used to plan personalised lessons that build on the student's existing knowledge and understanding.
  • 3. Supported learning

    • Throughout the course, the student will be guided by their very own success coach who will act as a cheerleader, point of liaison and an accountability partner.
    • The master tutor will provide monthly formative feedback to support the student's learning.
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  • "I loved how systematic and clear the textual analysis crash course was. I had been struggling with analyzing all the different types of texts and did not really understand how to analyze comics very well. However, this course really made everything clear. My tutor was amazing. Not only did she answer all my many questions with patience, she also gave me a lot of confidence".

    12th Grade IB student - TASIS The American School in England, England

  • "The Study Skill and Bridging course is what every student needs right now. After the last few years and the disruption it has caused my kids in their education.. i was relieved to find such amazing courses that got my kids up to speed on key skills!"

    Parent of year 7, 9 and 11 students, England

  • "The IGCSE Literature course saved my grades! I am so glad I took it. I was predicted a 7.. however I managed to score a 9. I am very pleased and would recommend this to anyone serious about getting better grades"

    Year 11 IGCSE student - Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

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