Our 1-on-1 live teaching literary courses are designed to allow students to learn much more efficiently through our systematic and focused approach

Our literary courses cover curriculum based novels, poetry and plays- including Shakespeare. They provide condensed learning and are perfect for exam preparation. Moreover, our fully integrated state-of-the-art learning platform and success coaches ensure students reach their potential. Our literary courses are formatted as either a 6 hour express course or a standard 12 hour programme of study.



  • Our modular approach starts with a brief contextual overview of the work and author, before delving into the key elements employed in the work.
  • Next, the student will be led through close readings and guided analysis to help them better develop their understanding of the works. The student will be shown how key literary elements work in tandem to further the meaning of the work. 
  • After that, the student will engage in guided literary analysis of works by identifying and interpreting various literary elements and evaluating the author's purpose and message. 
  • By the end of the course, students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently discuss and provide written literary analysis, while meeting curriculum criterions.


  • 1. Pedagogy

    • Our master tutors customise their teaching to ensure that the student receives the tailored attention they need to achieve their best possible performances.
    • Each lesson will be engaging, challenging, and enjoyable, using higher order thinking skills, questioning, and tasks to foster deep understanding and retention of the topics covered.
  • 2. Individualised curriculum

    • Our curriculum is customised to the student. During the first session, the master tutor will assess the students strengths and weaknesses in relation to the text.
    • This assessment will then be used to plan personalised lessons that build on the student's existing knowledge and understanding.
  • 3. Supported learning

    • Throughout the course, the student will be guided by their very own success coach who will acts as a cheerleader, point of liaison and an accountability partner.
    • The master tutor will provide monthly formative feedback to support the student's learning.
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  • "My son really enjoyed the lessons and now is often found reading his literature books without much prompting! I am really pleased by Woog Education's courses. They make daunting books accessible to the most reluctant readers and make literature relatable"

    Parent of Year 12 A Level student, England

  • "My mum signed me up for the Romeo and Juliet Literary course as I was struggling with Shakespeare in school. I enjoyed learning with my tutor Dave who taught me all about the Shakespearean language and even the history behind the play. This was the first Shakespeare play that I have read and I am happy to say I am no longer intimidated by Shakespeare." 

    Grade 10 student - North London Collegiate School, Singapore

  • "I decided to sign up for Duffy's Worlds Wife as I was going to do it for my Individual oral. In school, we had gone over the texts, so I was familiar with the texts and analysis. However, working with my tutor I was able to understand the poems better and really prepare for my IO.  I am so glad I decided to go for this literary course, as it made all the difference to my grades"

    Year 12 IB student, Germany

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