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Introduction to Shakespeare

Introduction to Shakespeare

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This course will provide an in-depth analysis of Romeo and Juliet to meet curriculum and exam criterions. We will start with a brief introduction to the historical and social context of the play, before focusing on the themes and motifs that drive the play.

The student will then be guided through careful analysis of the play, including guided annotations which will help the student to not only pick up on literary devices employed, but the effects of the devices individually and in tandem. We will focus on form, structure, tone and devices atypical of Shakespeare. A special focus will be given to the impact of soliloquies, dramatic irony and foreshadowing. In depth character analysis will help the student gain a deeper understanding of the characters, their motivations and how their depictions help the play further the plot. Moreover, we will highlight how key themes such as love, mortality and fate are presented in the play.

We will also pay special attention to literary analyses in written form, and as such the student will be guided and coached to be able to compose their own detailed literary analyses and written arguments. Focus will be given to key quotes, themes, motifs and literary devices throughout the text. By the end of this course, students will have a greater understanding of Romeo and Juliet and be able to apply their knowledge confidently to analyse and write about the work, while meeting curriculum criterions.

Express Course

Our express courses are abridged versions of our standard courses.

They are best suited as revision courses for those who have a strong grasp of the subject and looking to achieve the highest grades.

They have a run time of 6 hours, and each lesson is for an hour.

Weaker students might want to use the express course as an overview and then follow that up with ad- hoc tuition on weak areas.

Standard Course

Our standard course, with a run time of 12 hours, is best for those who need more guidance and/or have little to basic understanding of the subject/work.

The course progresses at a moderate pace and all aspects of the subject/work are covered in depth.

Booking Info

On booking you will book your first class on our online booking calendar.

Subsequent classes will be booked during your first class with the master tutor. 

Express Course

We recommend scheduling your crash course lesson hours as following:

  • 1 week revision crash course - 6 sessions (1 hours daily from Monday- Saturday)
  • Weekend revision crash Course - 3 sessions (2 hour sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

Standard Course

We recommend scheduling your standard course lesson hours as following:

  • 1 month course- 8 sessions (1.5 hour sessions, 2 times a week) 
  • 3 week course- 8 sessions (1.5 hour session, 3 times a week)

Course customisation

All courses will be customised towards the student and a detailed lesson plan will be drawn up on the first lesson to ensure individual student goals are met.

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